About Us

Who we are.

Bellhop Clothing is a small, independently owned, UK based clothing shop that was founded in 2019.


What we do

We provide quality, designer items of clothing to people all over the world at a fraction of the retail price.  


What matters to us

What matters to us is that you receive the highest level of service we can possibly provide. Our aim is 100% customer satisfaction. We will always do our best to ensure that each transaction is professional yet friendly and any issues are resolved swiftly.


How we do it

All items on our website have been individually selected by our small buying team, based on what we think looks good! The reason we can sell them cheaper than retail is because they’re usually not ‘current season’ pieces. We have items for sale that are essentially timeless.


The level of service we provide

We’ve noticed that a lot of clothing retailers fail to provide enough detailed photos of products, so we go the extra mile to ensure that you can see exactly what you’ll receive.

We all know that sizing varies from designer to designer (and even within the same brands) This is why every item we have for sale will be individually measured and the measurements of the model will also be provided (where applicable) in the product description. We hope that this will reduce any potential sizing issues and ensure the perfect fit when you receive your item.

We genuinely love to interact with our customers and people who are passionate about clothing, so please feel free to drop us an email or DM us on Instagram @Bellhopclothing


If you have any questions about us, our items or just want to chat, please contact us and we should be able to get back to you within a few hours.